{Falling Skies} “Howl”

Title: Howl
Fandom: Falling Skies
Genre(s): Angst, Character Study
Song/Artist: Howl by Florence + The Machine
Software(s): Vegas Pro 14
Characters/Pairings: Ben Mason
Summary: “I hate what they did to me with all my heart and soul….

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{Betch!} “I’m a Lady”

Title: I’m a Lady
Fandom: Betch! (Sketch Show)
Genre(s): Comedy
Song/Artist: I’m a Lady by Meghan Trainor (mashup remix)
Software(s): Vegas Pro 14
Summary: “All my girls, show them you’re a lady.”
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{Faking It} “Red Love”

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Red Love
Fandom: Faking It (Season 1-3)
Genre(s): Overview, Relationship Study, Angst, Drama
Song/Artist: Red Love by Pia Mia
Software(s): Sony Vegas 14
Characters/Pairings: Karma Ashcroft x Amy Raudenfeld (Karmy)
Summary: “Sometimes enough is…

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{Better Watch Out} “Death Wish”

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Death Wish
Fandom: Better Watch Out
Genre(s): Overview, Character Study, Relationship Study, Angst, Thriller, Dark Comedy
Song/Artist: Death Wish by Terror Jr
Software(s): Vegas Pro 14
Characters/Pairings: Luke x Ashley
Summary: “F*ck a Romeo,…

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{Heartless} “Desire”

Vidder: Kitty
Title: Desire
Fandom: Heartless
Genre(s): Femslash, Overview, Character Study, Relationship Study, Angst, Dark, Supernatural
Song/Artist: Desire by Meg Myers
Software: Sony Vegas 14
Characters/Pairings: Sofie x Emilie
Summary: “How do you want me?”

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